100 hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

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Online Yin YTT

Unearth the power of Yin Yoga and its profound impact on the mind, body and soul as you venture on an exciting path of insight, knowledge and understanding. The Yin practice embodies a meditative and slow-paced approach to yoga, allowing for an enlightening exploration of the self to unfold. Yin Yoga gives the opportunity to restore health, release trapped emotions and to connect with the real you. Originating from the Taoist concepts of Yin and Yang, this detailed training will provide you with the tools to incorporate these elements into your practice and help you become a skilled instructor in Yin Yoga.

Experience the life-changing practice of Yin Yoga and embark on a heart-opening journey

This is a fully immersive in-person teacher training designed for anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge of yin yoga. Whether you are an experienced student or an aspiring yoga teacher, this is the perfect course for you.

During this Yin Yoga Teacher Training program you will study the foundations and the anatomical and energetic theories of Yin Yoga, all through the unique lens of the Chinese Meridians Theory. You will also gain knowledge of Qi Theory and Yin and Yang Theory and how they both relate to the body.

After completing the course you will be able to confidently and safely sequence Yin Yoga sessions, which can be used to further develop your own personal practice or with the intention to teach others.


Understand principles of Yin Yoga and how to teach in a safe way.
Use the archetypal poses and their variations.
Advance your knowledge about anatomy and the human body.
Skillfully practice and modify the Yin Yoga poses.
Identify the target area of every yoga asana.
Comprehend where you should feel the effects of the poses.
Learn how to use props during your Yin classes.
Learn how to balance a Yin and Yang Yoga practice.
Build a creative and effective Yin Yoga sequence with different options and variations.
Deepen your knowledge about the energetic body and Chakras.
Learn how to teach meditation and a pranayama session.
Create transformational Yin Yoga classes that deliver a beautiful experience.
Qualify to log an additional 100 hours training and continued education with Yoga Alliance.

Course Curriculum

The Art of Yin Yoga

– History of Yin Yoga.
– Yin Yoga Theory and Application.
– Stabilizing and deepening a Yin Yoga practice.
-Comparison of a Yin and Yang practice.
-Yin Asana benefits and contraindications .
-Archetypal poses and their variations.
-Appropriate use of props.
-How to create and hold a safe space
-Developing your teaching voice.
-Sequencing Yin Yoga classes.
-Understanding the Yin practice.
-Founding principles of Yin Yoga


Our Bodies

– Anatomy applied to Yin Yoga.
– Compression and tension theory.
– The fascia and connective tissue.
– Yin and Yang related to the body.
– The physical and subtle bodies
– The 5 koshas and energy fields.
– The chakra system and how to relate it to daily life.
-How to recognize imbalances in the subtle bodies.
-The Five Element Theory (TCM)
– Meridian Theory and application
-The organs & related emotions
– The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
– Understanding the relaxation response.
– Introduction of Yoga Nidra and application.

Pranayama & Meditation

– Qi, Prana or life­–force energy.
– Nadi Shodhana and nostril breathing.
– Belly breathing (diaphragmatic breathing).
– Full Yogic breath and practice.
– Long Exhale breathing.
– Bhramari humming bee breathing.
– Chakra balance and meditation.
– Mindfulness awareness meditation.
– Walking meditation.
– Metta loving kindness meditation.
– Soham meditation
– Kumbhaka and breath retentions
– Positive visualisation techniques
– Microcosmic Orbit Meditation
– Breathwork theory and practice
– Yoga Nidra practices.


– You are ready to dive into a an enlightening, personal journey

-You feel a pull to experience the magical energy of Thailand & Bali

-You are motivated to heal using the incredible power of Yin Yoga

-You are curious to experience a unique bonding and friendship


We welcome you to join us, no matter what your background, experience or intention once you’ve completed the course. Our teaching program includes daily yoga practice, lectures, workshops, time to practice teaching skills and techniques, and adequate rest and relaxation. Unlike a local Yoga Teacher Training, where you go to classes and otherwise live in your normal surroundings (with the stress and responsibilities that come with it), this course is designed to be immersive, so you can focus purely on your growth for the life-changing time you are in Thailand and Bali.

Take the first step in a new direction and begin your journey in becoming a certified Yin Yoga Teacher now.

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“Such a beautiful, compassionate and kind soul! Not only is Alicia a wonderful teacher but she created the space I needed to heal from deep rooted traumas that I had been carrying around for years. Her yin yoga classes, group dynamics classes and all around character as a human allowed me to grow and let go of things that no longer serve me. I am incredibly grateful to have had the time I had with you! So much love!”
Lillith Luna (USA)

“Alicia is a very attentive, kind and inspirational teacher. She spread great vibes and energy in her class. She has the good words, the good timing, the good level. I’ve spent one month with her during my YTT, and her yin classes had a very important impact on me, helped my body to released deep tensions and let it go some emotions that were stuck in my body and my muscles. I wish I could have a yin teacher like her in my country. She’s the best!” 

Chloe Taoufik (Switzerland)

“One of the most important things for me in my practice (especially when choosing a training) is the connection you will have with the teacher. I actually took (what I considered to be) a risk, not knowing or having previously practiced with the teachers on my training. One of which, was Alicia. I was so lucky to be connected with someone who is full of warmth, authenticity, love and great humour, who I now get to call my friend. Her training and experience in Yin speaks for itself. You are in the best of hands in practicing or training with this wonderful human, on and off the mat!” 

Ge Kate (Australia)

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