26 November, 2018

Yin Yoga Masterclass in Bali

YinYogaMasterclass. Bali

Yin practice is a more meditative approach to yoga, bringing our focus more inwards and allowing ourselves to go deeper into the body. When we relax and let go of our physical bodies, we can start releasing emotions that are stuck and unprocessed. These feelings can manifest as tension and stress, which Yin helps to release. The practice will help promote optimum health and balance for your both your external and internal systems. Some of the other benefits of Yin include deepening self awareness, facilitating deep relaxation, calming the central nervous system, increasing energy flow, mental clarity, inspiring self exploration and enlightening inner silence and peace.

During this workshop, we will practice pranayama, meditation, yin asanas and yin and yang theory. Limited spaces. Send me message for more information.