• How to Breath

The majority of people in the world have never stopped to think about their breath as it just occurs naturally. Without this attention and awareness most people are therefore unware of the extreme health benefits associated with the practice of mindful breathing.

In the How to Breath program and private sessions you can learn how to listen closely to your body, breath and mind. When you truly experience the power of your natural breath you begin to understand it is the bridge between body and mind.

Through learning a variety of breathing techniques, also referred to as Pranayama, you can discover how to bring control and awareness to your breath. These techniques provide a multitude of benefits including; calming the nervous system, quieting the mind, helping to de-stress, bringing fresh oxygen into the blood to increase life force energy into the body. The breathing techniques will be prescribed based upon your specific needs.

Prana is known as the vital life force energy which is regulated through breath. Yogis practice various Pranayama (breathing) techniques as an essential part of their daily practice.

Through learning Pranayama (breath work) you can discover how to bring control and  awareness to your breath.

Private Sessions

How to Breath programs and private sessions will help to reconnect your body, mind and soul by deepening your breath awareness and therefore enhancing your entire yoga practice, both on and off the mat.

The individual has the opportunity to study in all the different levels of the being; Asanas at the physical body, pranayama and meditation for the mental, energetic and spiritual body.  We are alone from the reality that we are the only ones who can do personal work on ourselves. Its our journey to work on ourselves to discover our real identity and to heal and love ourselves.

Schedule a private meditation lesson focused solely for your level and personal needs. Programs are three, five, or seven days for 1-3 people maximum are available upon request. You can schedule private sessions in Koh Samui, Thailand, or via Skype anywhere in the world.


“Alicia is wonderful. She is simple and clear in her delivery. Every word is genuine and she makes you feel safe in the room. An absolutely incredible yoga teacher.
My biggest realization during Alicia’s class was to trust myself. Trust my body and trust that I knew where it wanted to go and move”.

- Alex/ USA

“Alicia, breathing, meditation, practice, peace….Alicia with her deep caring, helping meditation was brill! It takes time not just a quick fix, she talks you through the sitting, that can be numbing, but when you control and get through that, and then the touches of sanity, the chakras, the mind, like yoga this does not happen in one session. Meditation was not me, well I thought that, but the calming influence towards the the breathing and well the body, you listen to your body, and you do!! Thank you Alicia, the yoga got me to a level, that I never expected, practice makes perfect, especially the meditation”.

- Simon, UK