• How to Meditate

Meditation helps to reconnect with ourselves and discover our true nature.  Its benefits have been scientifically proven, revealing that it can help decrease stress levels, improve breathing, relax the mind, increase emotional and mental health. Promoting awareness and consciousness within in ourselves therefore positively contributing to our well-being.

Why meditate?

Human beings are made up of different layers; physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual.  Each layer is connected and therefore if a change occurs in one level, it also has an effect and influence on all levels.

It is essential to work combining all layers to cultivate good health and a positive state of well-being. It helps to clear the mind, teaching us how to relax and deal with our day to day activities in a more balanced and peaceful manner. By bringing more awareness into our state of being, we are better able to analyze our own emotional and mental levels by acknowledging what we feel in each moment (stress, anxiety, anger, fear, hatred) without reaction.

Private Sessions

Each individual is unique, some people can focus, concentrate and relax easily and for others this practice can be extremely challenging.

Alicia teaches a variety of mediation techniques in order to help you find the practice that is best suited for your specific needs. Ultimately, meditation leads to mindfulness, enabling us to reach our true inner nature.

Explore your deeper self and discover the power of mindfulness through meditation. It’s your true nature to be free and blissful. Start a transformation of your life and learn how to meditate with Alicia.

Schedule a private meditation lesson focused solely for your level and personal needs. Programs are three, five, or seven days for 1-3 people maximum are available upon request. You can schedule private sessions in Koh Samui, Thailand, or via Skype anywhere in the world.


“Alicia is a powerful individual and so incredibly uplifting. She worked with us on meditation which I continue to practice daily, she helped me find a better balance which I will carry with me my whole life”.

- Taylor Stolte/ USA

“She graces your presence with balance. A soft introduction to an extravagant heart. Never will you be lost of balance as she guides you in the direction back into your own soul. Take a dive into letting go, in a way with such focus. Her vibrations will trance your being into a genuine wellness with where life is leading. I began to find myself, my true heart, again. The most powerful shaker meditation I´ve ever had flood my body into rivers of sensation. I am thankful to have met and practiced with such a kindred spirit”.

- Molly/ USA