• Personal Programs

Have you recently experienced a challenging, demanding, and stressful period in your life?

Take time to refresh and experience the benefits of Yoga, Meditation and Reiki.

Alicia provides unique individual programs designed to meet your specific needs.  The goal is to learn techniques you can easily implement into your daily life after completing a program to create and maintain a balanced lifestyle.  Her approach is to hold space for the students so they can increase their awareness in all levels; physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Select an unique program developed specifically for your individual needs and preferences.

Training to strengthen your body and help nurture your soul.

Begin or deepen your meditation practice with teacher guidance.

Learning Pranayama and other breathing techniques combined with Restorative and Yin yoga sessions.

Students will have the opportunity to experience this healing energy for themselves in self-treatments and practicing healing with another person.

Programs are three, five, or seven days for 1-3 people maximum per program. Programs are available for beginners to advance levels.

“Alicia has a beautiful heart; she is caring, kind and very supportive. As you are exploring what yoga means and looks like to you, she will sweetly walk beside you on that journey.”

- Tamara/ USA

“Alicia is an ideal yoga instructor. With her beautiful calming voice, and confident yet patient demeanor, she artfully guides you through asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Whether it was yin yoga or more heated vinyasa flows, I always left her classes feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. I specially love Alicia’s focus on the meditative element of yoga. Her meditations enabled me to quiet my mind and open my spirit to my creative process. Thank you Alicia”.

- Emily/ USA