“Alicia has a beautiful heart; she is caring, kind and very supportive. As you are exploring what yoga means and looks like to you, she will sweetly walk beside you on that journey.”

    - Tamara/ USA

    “Alicia is wonderful. She is simple and clear in her delivery. Every word is genuine and she makes you feel safe in the room. An absolutely incredible yoga teacher.
    My biggest realization during Alicia’s class was to trust myself. Trust my body and trust that I knew where it wanted to go and move”.

    - Alex/ USA

    “Alicia is an ideal yoga instructor. With her beautiful calming voice, and confident yet patient demeanor, she artfully guides you through asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Whether it was yin yoga or more heated vinyasa flows, I always left her classes feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. I specially love Alicia’s focus on the meditative element of yoga. Her meditations enabled me to quiet my mind and open my spirit to my creative process. Thank you Alicia”.

    - Emily/ USA

    “Alicia, breathing, meditation, practice, peace….Alicia with her deep caring, helping meditation was brill! It takes time not just a quick fix, she talks you through the sitting, that can be numbing, but when you control and get through that, and then the touches of sanity, the chakras, the mind, like yoga this does not happen in one session. Meditation was not me, well I thought that, but the calming influence towards the the breathing and well the body, you listen to your body, and you do!! Thank you Alicia, the yoga got me to a level, that I never expected, practice makes perfect, especially the meditation”.

    - Simon, UK

    “I loved every minute of Alicia´s classes. It was so easy to follow her voice and instructions and completely enter into my mind and body and the present. After every class I was filled with peace of mind and joy. Alicia´s spiritual guidance helped me to stay open and recognize the what I was experiencing and its significance.”.

    - Joe/ USA

    “Alicia has great fitness and knowledge of yoga and its many variations. She was a pleasure to be guided by and an incredible positive energy to start my days”.

    - Monica/Brasil

    “Alicia is a powerful individual and so incredibly uplifting. She worked with us on meditation which I continue to practice daily, she helped me find a better balance which I will carry with me my whole life”.

    - Taylor Stolte/ USA

    “She graces your presence with balance. A soft introduction to an extravagant heart. Never will you be lost of balance as she guides you in the direction back into your own soul. Take a dive into letting go, in a way with such focus. Her vibrations will trance your being into a genuine wellness with where life is leading. I began to find myself, my true heart, again. The most powerful shaker meditation I´ve ever had flood my body into rivers of sensation. I am thankful to have met and practiced with such a kindred spirit”.

    - Molly/ USA

    “Alicia was fantastic! I really appreciate how she took time to really break down each segment, paragraph of the manual to explain more in depth about each aspect of discussion and give examples and thoughts that related to each topic”.

    - Karin, USA (Reiki Student)

    “I had an amazing Reiki session with Alicia. I walked in having heavy feelings and walked out feeling totally calm and relax after her session. Her touch is very special. She is a very kind and sweet person”.

    - Worawan, Thailand

    “Alicia is a teacher who helps her students discover the deep ease and peace within. Her sessions include meditation and a balanced mix of asanas, flow yoga, hatha, ashtanga, yin/yang… She has a wonderful gift: she is able to give to each of us what we seem to need the most to enhance our practice. Many thanks for your enthusiasm, your peace, your guidance and your sharing”

    - Cristina, Spain.

    “Alicia allowed me to truly connect with my body and my energy. I was able to release feelings that I did not know were bottled up but I felt lighter, calmer, and more connected after her practice. Her sessions were emotionally healing as well. Do not be afraid to feel whatever your body wants to feel, she allows an open and non-judgmental environment in all her practices.”

    - Carly/ USA

    “Alicia is a powerful individual and so incredibly uplifting. She worked with us on meditation which I continue to practice daily, she helped me find a better balance which I will carry with me my whole life”.

    - Taylor Stolte/ USA

    “Alicia is sweet and caring, enthusiastic and a knowledgeable yoga teacher. It is evident through her teaching style that she is dedicated to giving her students the best experience on the mat. She has inspired me to find my inner teacher, encouraging me to allow my intuition to guide me through meditation and the yoga asana practice. I am grateful for her guidance and all that she has taught me.”

    - Lindsey Jamplis/ USA