• Yoga Fitness Program

The Yoga Fitness Program is a holistic program developed to work with the entire self, harmonizing and integrating all the aspects of one’s being.  The program is suitable for beginners to advanced students and specifically designed for anyone looking to escape their busy and stressful schedule in order to rebalance body, mind and spirit while improving their personal fitness level and well being.

Reach your fitness goals; get in shape, loose weight, build strength and flexibility using awareness of your body and mind. Creating time and space to reconnect with your own inner wisdom.


The Yoga Fitness Program enables you to work one-on-one with Alicia. Practicing a personalized program based on your own goals to incorporating into your daily life to achieve and maintain health, balance and well-being. Through the practice of learning to listen to your own body and nurturing yourself one can begin to feel both physical and mental peace and happiness.

Breath and Meditation

The Yoga Fitness Program includes meditation classes sharing how to dis-connect from the stress and anxiety caused by work, relationships and daily life through bringing attention to one’s breath in order to calm and still the mind. By learning and understanding the importance of how to breath correctly one can release tension and stress acumilated in the mind and body.


  • Rebalance your body, mind and emotional well being
  • Increase your personal fitness level
  • Improve your confidence and personal awareness of body and mind
  • Learn to manage stress, improve your concentration and ability to relax
  • Control and mastery of the mind
  • Activate your innate healing ability
  • Increase energy levels and sense of personal well being
  • Learn to tap into your own true nature and inner wisdom

What to Expect

  • Initial Wellness Consultation
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Find enjoyment and relaxation while getting in shape
  • Final wellness consultation to review personalized training program

Try something new and learn how to get in shape, breath, and meditate through Yoga. Take the step, change your wellbeing, and experience a positive, balanced future. Programs of three, five, or seven days for 1-3 people maximum are available upon request.

  • Alicia´s approach is to enable you to learn how to listen to your body using movement, breath, and meditation.


“I loved every minute of Alicia´s classes. It was so easy to follow her voice and instructions and completely enter into my mind and body and the present. After every class I was filled with peace of mind and joy. Alicia´s spiritual guidance helped me to stay open and recognize the what I was experiencing and its significance.”.

- Joe/ USA

“Alicia has great fitness and knowledge of yoga and its many variations. She was a pleasure to be guided by and an incredible positive energy to start my days”.

- Monica/Brasil