Throughout history, humankind has often turned to spirituality in times of distress. Now on the brink of destroying this beautiful playground, many people are turning inwards. This is part of the great shift that is happening in the world. There are many ways to aim the arrow of awareness towards your own center, and Reiki is just one of them. It is a perfect self-help system that adjust to the user and requires no medium, regardless of whether you are a newcomer to the inner world, a hard–boiled intellectual, a yoga student, a housewife or a devotee. It puts us back in touch with the long-forgotten but all pervading life energy and teaches us how to love ourselves again. It helps us to bridge the man-made gap between our fellow human beings and nature, so that we can all live in harmony again. For some Reiki is one of the many forms of bodywork, for others it is a new age healing art, and it is also used as a meditation technique.

According to India, Tibetan and Chinese philosophy, and now modern science too, we are surrounded by an incredible lively Universe that is made up of energy. Scientists have recently demonstrated that what before was thought to be “solid” matter is in fact rapidly moving energy particles. Solidity is an illusion caused by the limitation of our perception. Everything is energy, and therefore everything is alive and receptive to energy.

Called Prana in India, Elen Vital in Europe, Orgone by scientist Dr W Reich, On in Israel, Chi in China, Ki in Japan; Reiki is the energy that pervades everything. Its ever changing, yet always the same. In the eyes of Reiki, everything is alive and therefore worthy of respect; from the rocks in your garden to the hand of your beloved in yours.

Even though we are floating in this pool of refreshing, life-giving energy 24 hours a day, most of us have forgotten its presence and can no longer grasp its positive effects on our physical and psychological health. Maybe its easier to describe Reiki by stating what it is necessary turn you into a great healer, wealthy businessman or luminous being. It is simply works to bring out the best in you, intensify your capabilities and show you what parts of your life have not yet been integrated.

Reiki also reveals the path of relaxation, which is so important in our busy lives. Reiki reminds us how precious every single moment of our fleeting existence really is. Technically speaking, Reiki is one of many methods that are used to activate, harmonize and reconnect the self with Universal Energy. Its roots are said to be found in many of the world ́s ancient’s cultures, but it differs from most common streams in one central point; the energy is transferred or made available to the students by INITIATION, not by years of long practice.

Anyone can become a channel in a matter of a day or two. No special skills, preparations or degrees are necessary. It is our birthright. Once initiated into Reiki, a person remains a Reiki channel throughout his or her lifetime, even if it isn’t in use. Of course, daily practice deepens our understanding of the Universal life force and also helps us to became a clear channel for it. Daily practice helps us to release energy blockages that weigh us down. There is no philosophy or religion attached to Reiki, it is pure energy. Reiki treatment is safe in any situation irrespective of disease or discomfort. Reiki can easily be combined with orthodox and alternative healing methods work hand in hand instead of competing.

The Reiki system is divided into 3 degrees that are like building blocks. The sequence of the degrees has to be followed. Each degree is complete in itself.

Understanding Reiki in its totality is an endless process. Reiki cannot be conventionally described, nor can its effects on you be determined in a guide book. As long as you live, however, you will experience continuous personal growth. The best thing to do is go with the flow and trust that life will shower its blessing upon you. The rest is every individual ́s personal mastery.

When talking about energy and metaphysics, I have purposely abstained from trying to scientifically explain the inexplicable. The attempt at scientific demystification is just another trick of the (tiny) rational part of our mind to maintain its supremacy as the sole rules of our lives. Existence is and remains forever a mystery and should be celebrated in those terms.

In this spirit, I wish you all the best that life has to give, whatever that means for you. I hope that you enjoy the rest of this course and put this Universal energy to use in all aspects of your being.