“Yoga changed my life…”

I believe that it can change yours too

Hi there, I’m Alicia.

I support conscious humans in uncovering their inner voice, giving them the tools to align their life and lighting up the way to their most authentic self.

My life didn’t always look like this. In fact, it used to look a lot different.

You see, my story first began as an athlete. I left home at the age of 15 to become a professional swimmer, where I participated in high-level (and high-intensity) competitions for over a decade – the stress of which wreaked havoc on my body and my mind.

After a serious physical injury from years of strenuous exercise, I began searching for a more gentle way to keep active that had a lower impact on my body.My sports psychologist had previously suggested trying meditation to help deal with the pressure that came hand in hand with competitive swimming, and I figured, why not give it a go?

Little did I know that saying yes was about to change the course of my life as I knew it.

Shortly after being introduced to meditation, I discovered yoga and it didn’t take long until I was hooked. Once I began to experience the dramatic impact these practices had on my body, my mind and my overall wellbeing, well, there was no turning back.

After graduating university I booked myself a one-way ticket to Asia and embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. I dove headfirst into a new way of life (I was a swimmer at heart after all), and immersed myself fully into yoga and spirituality, learning as much as I possibly could through retreats, workshops, studies and of course a daily devotional practice. Soon, I discovered that nurturing my mind, my heart and my body were all key elements to embodying a soul-filled life.

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This led me to dedicating the last 8 years of my life to studying with different lineages in India, Thailand and Bali, where I learned from some of the best teachers in both traditional schools of yoga and more modern interpretations too. My entire world turned upside down after experiencing weeks of silent retreats in Thailand, exploring body work with different disciplines of healing and discovering the powerful knowledge and wisdom from ancient yoga practices.

I started to understand that sharing my passion for these healing arts with others was the road that I was destined to walk all along.

Since taking the plunge, this sacred journey of mine has taken me to places that were once only possible in my wildest dreams. I have been fortunate enough to be a senior teacher at Vikasa Yoga Academy, to lead Yoga Teacher Trainings in Thailand and Bali over the past 7 years, and also had the opportunity to guide countless of my own classes and workshops in all corners of the globe.

It’s pretty amazing where your heart can take you when you choose to step into your truth and embody it fully.

Are you curious to see where your heart will take you?

Feel good, be good, and do good

My Studies

50 hr Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Lauran Prindiville, Bali 

25hr Meditation Teacher Training, with Bernd Windhofer

20hr Yin Fascial Yoga & Trauma Informed, with Beta Lisboa

100hr Yin Yoga, with Tina Nance, Bali

100hr Yin & Yang, with Sarah Powers, Insight Yoga, Thailand

100hr Yin Yoga, with Yoga People, Koh Samui, Thailand

300hr Hatha Yoga, Vikasa Yoga, Koh Samui, Thailand

300hr Akhanda Yoga, Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh, India

200h Ashtanga Vinyasa, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Craniosacral Therapy CST1 & CST2 by Upledger Institute

Level 1&2 Tera Mai Reiki, with Michael Ulrich, Thailand

Reiki Master, with Master Daliah Barkan, Thailand

Moon Course, Las Piramides del Ka, San Marcos, Guatemala

The Healing Trauma Training, with Peter A. Levine

Bachelor of Arts, University of Miami, USA

After ten years of practicing and teaching yoga around North America, Europe, and Asia, nowadays, I’m sharing my knowledge and connecting with kindred spirits in Bali (where I am based) and all over the world (thank you, internet!)

You’ll most likely find me facilitating transformative Yoga Teacher trainings, leading private healing journeys or guiding immersive courses that inspire profound change from within.

“Alicia was one of my yoga teachers during my Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand. Her unique and pure personality had a huge impact on the whole course and my personal journey. The Yin classes with her were amazing, inspiring, very deep both physically and emotionally.”
Viki Koncz (Hungary)

“I met Alicia during my YTT in Koh Samui and for me she made a huge difference to the programme with her super kind and compassionate personality which shows in the way she is teaching. Her yin classes are both challenging and at the same time comforting and she led us through these moments in class with her calm and reassuring manner. This really helped me and I feel that my body opened up a little bit more. I’m so glad for all of Alicia’s support not just in class but equally as a supportive friend when I tried to figure out what’s next for me in life! I’m really looking forward to the time when we meet again!”
Caro Fortun (UK)

“Alicia was one of our amazing teachers in our YTT and I’m so happy and thankful we had her. She was an huge support during this time and an amazing trainer. I love her classes – the gentle guidance in her yin classes, as well as in group dynamic classes. The way she is teaching shows and you can really feel, it comes straight from her heart and it made me feel comfortable right away. She is such a beautiful soul – her outgoing, caring and openhearted personality and her always smiling and positive attitude was so supportive -thank you so much, you were always been there for us.“
Claudia Li (Australia)