24 December, 2018

Vinyasa to Yin

Balance your Yin and Yang energies with this 90 min Vinyasa to Yin sequence. Relax the mind, body and to awaken consciousness. Starting with Yang/Vinyasa and moving towards stillness with Yin. 


25 October, 2017

Life in the Ashram

30 of October 2014,Rishikesh, India. We just had arrived in Tapovan after 10 hours of bus. Indian buses are a different thing. You need to be prepare psychologically for it. The Ashram is located in the international village of spiritual seekers in Rishikesh. We are surrounded by The Ganges river valley and the gateway of the Himalayas. They receive us in the ashram with flowers and offerings. I can predict already how that was going to be an amazing experience. We are planning to stay 6 weeks in the Ashram while studying our 500 hours YTT. Is this what someone has to do in other to purify themselves in the physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual level? Maybe. Everyone is different and has a different approach but definitely to become a yogi is not a easy job!

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