Top reasons to practice Yin Yoga in the morning

Many people think that Yin Yoga is just a practice for the end of the day, to unwind before they go to sleep. Meanwhile, Yin Yoga is commonly practiced in the afternoon; it could be a potent & invigorating practice to do in the morning.

Taking the time in the morning to practice Yin Yoga gives us space and the time to be within our bodies. Starting our days slowly and mindfully will help us to carry this calming & peaceful mood for the rest of our days. Many of us are so used to waking up very fast, jumping out of bed, drinking coffee, and starting our work in a state of stress. This is a fast way to wake up, but our system is in a fight & fly response; our bodies are ready to move quickly, get things done, and be productive. This alarm state can create a lot of stress in our system, especially if we continuously do it for weeks and years without rest.

A mindful yoga and meditation practice helps us to listen to our bodies and give them time to calm down and slow down so they can restore themselves. Here are some steps on how we can start our day with mindfulness and awareness.

Reduce stress & anxiety early in the morning

Science has proven that meditation & Yin Yoga & Meditation promotes alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves can reduce stress and anxiety and help us feel calmer. When we take the time in the morning to practice Yin, even if it’s just 20 minutes, we can feel the effects of the practice for the rest of the day.

Release tension & create space within the body

Have you ever seen a dog or a cat waking up in the morning? They stretch the body as soon as they wake up. It’s our nature; we need to open our bodies after sleeping for 6/8 hours the night before. Our bodies may feel very tight & stiff after sleeping for 6/8 hours the night before. When we practice Yin Yoga in the morning, we create the space in our bodies to move freely & breathe deeply. Releasing the tension and opening the body will have a tremendous effect on balancing our emotions.

Creating a mindful intention for the day

Where we rest, our attention is where the energy flow. So if we start our day by setting an intention, we create a sacred space that allows us to embrace & let that happen. Having the time in the morning to feel in, to align with our bodies & hearts, and from that space, to set an intention, we can do something compelling towards manifesting a reality we want to live on. Have you tried it?

The practice of Yin Yoga is an invitation for you to take time in the morning for yourself to breathe, open up your body, and set an intention for the rest of the day. Give it a try, and let me know how it feels when you do that! It doesn’t have to be a long practice, maybe 20 minutes could be enough for you some days, others 1 hour would be amazing too.

If you want to give it a try, check this Yin Yoga practice that I have for you: “Yin Yoga & The Energy Body”

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Let me know how you feel afterward! Enjoy your morning practice!