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Reiki Courses

Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master/Teacher  Courses

Dive into the ancient healing arts of Reiki, a universal energy that is used to heal physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances.

On a Reiki healing course, you will learn this sacred practice and discover its potential to calm the mind, deepen the spiritual connection and increase the well-being of yourself and those with whom you choose to share it. Anyone can learn Reiki as it is a simple yet effortlessly powerful technique that has the potential to transform lives.

These Reiki courses are designed for those who want to learn Reiki for themselves, become a practitioner and initiate and teach others about Reiki. Reiki Level 1,  2 & Master/ Teacher certifications are experimental hands-on courses where you can discover a deeper, quieter, and more intuitive part of yourself.

Those who study Reiki healing will have the opportunity to experience this healing energy through self-treatments and practicing healing on another person.

After completing the Reiki Level 2 training, you can seize the opportunity to train at the Master & Teacher level in the Usui Method of Natural Healing. The vibration of the student’s energy is raised again, and the Master symbol is taught. You do not have to dedicate yourself to teaching others to become a Reiki Master. This degree can be taken for your own pleasure and benefit.

All group Reiki courses are held in Ubud, Bali.  Private Courses are available on request (extra charge: 185 €), in which case I could come to your home, hotel, or villa anywhere in Bali.

Attend one of our Reiki courses in Bali, study Reiki online at your own pace, or request a private course in Bali for a more personalized experience.

Sky Above, Earth Below, Peace Within

Reiki Level one course


Reiki level 1 is the perfect introduction to Reiki for beginners and those looking to become confident Reiki practitioners. At the end of your Reiki Level 1 training, you will be certified to give Reiki to yourself and others.

What’s included:
-Definition of Reiki
– History of Reiki
– Reiki lineage
– Reiki principles
– Chakras Theory
– Traditional hand positions: self-treatment, seated treatment, and treatment for others
– The 21-day cleansing process
– Giving Reiki treatments
– Grounding and cleansing techniques
– Visualization and meditation techniques
– Hands-on practical session
– Reiki 1 Manual to study with
– Q&A

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a First Degree Reiki Certificate as well as ongoing support and advice.

Price: 250€

Duration: 8 hours teaching & practicing

Reiki Level 2 Course


Reiki level 2 builds on your knowledge from Reiki level 1 and allows you to go deeper into your Reiki healing journey. You will gain a broader range of techniques and connect with a more incredible Reiki energy, giving you enhanced healing abilities.

What’s included:
– Questions and Answers from your experiences with Reiki
– Reiki 2 attunements
– Reiki 2 symbols – learning to draw and use
– Other uses of the symbols
– Distant healing techniques
– Empowering and healing events (past and future)
– Traditional hand positions: self-treatment, seated treatment, and treatment for others.
– Hands-on practical session
– Practicing Reiki Professionally
– Grounding and cleansing techniques
– Visualization and meditation techniques
– Reiki 2 Manual to study with
– Q & A

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Second Degree Reiki Certificate as well as ongoing support and advice.

Price: 410€

Duration: 8 hours teaching & practicing

Reiki Therapy Session


This course is your guide to taking the next steps in your lifelong journey to the Reiki Master Teacher level. You’ll gain a far more profound understanding of Reiki and how you can develop your daily practice and commitment to spiritual development. You’ll also learn how to prepare a Reiki teacher training course and help others.

What’s included:
– Receiving an authentic, individual Reiki Master Attunement
– Initiation into Reiki Master symbols
– Mastering the elements of holistic healing
– Connecting with your Higher Self and high-level spiritual guides
– Techniques for raising your energy levels
– Advanced Reiki techniques
– How to give Reiki Attunements with plenty of guided practice
– How to teach all levels of the Usui Reiki system (Reiki 1,2, Master & Teacher level)
– How to design and deliver a successful training program.
– Reiki  Master/Teacher Manual to study with
– Q & A

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Master/Teacher Degree Reiki Certificate and ongoing support and advice.

Price: 640€

Duration: 8 hours teaching & practicing

“Alicia is an incredible instructor. Had the pleasure of taking Yin several times with her and also completing my Reiki Level 1 certification under her guidance. Alicia is extremely knowledgeable and has a genuine desire to teach you as much as she can! Being a yoga instructor myself I would highly recommend Alicia for any instruction”.
Jesse Watkins (USA).

“Alicia was my teacher for Reiki Level 1 Training. It was such a beautiful experience from the moment I entered the space. Alicia takes great care in making you feel comfortable and excited to learn. Sharing her knowledge of this energy healing was so fluid and made quite easy to understand and connect to through her ability to speak from her heart of the concepts of such an esoteric practice. Being attuned to reiki through Alicia, I truly feel was an honor. She has opened a new door of sharing this healing gift with others and I am forever grateful to her as my teacher.”
Taya Bernardini (USA)

“Alicia was my Reiki teacher for my level 1 and 2 courses, and I am looking forward to do level Master Level with her as well. I loved the experience with her, she has a beautiful energy and an inspiring way of sharing it. She has great knowledge of Reiki and I could not imagine a better teacher. She is vey sensitive and was great to learn from her.”
Camila Reis (Brasil)