The first thing you learn as a healer is how to heal yourself. Then you can share that gift with others. Reiki is getting more popular over the years, but it’s still unknown to many of us. Some people may think Reiki is too woohoo and out there, and other people never heard of it before. So let’s start from the beginning:

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of subtle energy healing using hands-on and distance healing techniques that uses the energy of pure love and compassion. The methods used to practice Reiki were rediscovered by a Japanese Buddhist monk, Dr. Mikao Usui, in the 20th century in Japan. Mikao is Reiki’s father and rediscovered it, even though Reiki has been known and used for many ancient traditions and cultures. Mikao Usui named Reiki this art of healing, growing, and moving worldwide. Reiki is universal life–force energy that anyone and everyone can learn to use for healing once a reiki Master has attuned them to this energy.


Reiki is an effortless yet profound hands-on healing that uses the power of love and compassion to bring us back to equilibrium and balance from within. Reiki can be combined with traditional medicine and other alternative medicine to speed up its effects. Reiki is being introduced in many hospitals and clinics around the world. If you are interested in knowing more about Reiki in Hospitals, you can read this article that explains more about this topic. Click here to read more.


We can all use more healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and Reiki is a powerful tool we can use for our personal and spiritual growth. It’s also essential to mention that EVERYONE can do Reiki; it doesn’t matter age, background, religion, or ethnicity. Reiki is our birthright, and everyone can learn this influential healing art. Reiki is not part of any religion, either. Reiki works with the pure intention of love and compassion from the heart. We need to learn Reiki is an open mind and the wiliness to learn how to channel the universal energy that is all around us.


Another question I have been asked many times is whether somebody could learn Reiki by themselves or by studying and reading books. The answer is no. A Reiki Master & Teacher needs to perform an initiation for the student to start channeling this universal energy healing. This is the most significant difference from other healing modalities people can learn after many years of study. Still, in Reiki, an initiation or attunement needs to be done by a Reiki Master before we start practicing it.


Reiki can’t be explained; it needs to be experienced. We can talk about it and study its concept, but we can’t understand its healing effects until we experience it within our bodies. The benefits of Reiki are uncountable, and I would like to dedicate a whole post to talk about that. We can give and apply Reiki to everything, people, animals, places, situations, and even past and future events. I know, you may think, how is that even possible? Everything is made of energy in this universe; energy doesn’t care about time and space.


I discovered Reiki on my first Yoga & Meditation Retreat in north Thailand more than ten years ago. My yoga teacher was also a Reiki Master & craniosacral therapist, so I decided to try. I remember they asked me, are you sure you are ready for this healing treatment? I wasn’t sure why they asked me this question, as I also didn’t know what to expect. So I did a few sessions over five days of the retreat. In the last session, I had a significant breakdown and, I guess breakthrough. I remember things from my past that I was suppressing for years and years. And everything was coming up and releasing. It took me a couple of months to digest and integrate all the information during those healing sessions. I was going through a significant shift in my life, probably the biggest I had ever been, and this was the beginning of my Reiki journey. After that, everything was different from what I knew it. My life changed 360 degrees, and there was no turning back. By the way, I wrote a whole post about this turning point in my life, so if you want to read more about it, check here, it’s fascinating.


After that life-changing experience with Reiki and other healing modalities, I decided I wanted to study Reiki to use it to heal myself and help others in their journey. I learned the three levels of Reiki over four years until I could teach it and initiate people into it. Since then, many changes and shifts have happened. I have to say that Reiki is part of my life, consciously and unconsciously; I am always using it every single day. I use it to bless the food, clean my room, clear my mind, bring more focus, heal areas in my body that feel uncomfortable, and heal others. It’s always with me, and I use it all the time.


It took me a couple of years until I decided to teach Reiki since it’s such a sacred healing art, and I wanted to be ready for it. But once I studied my Reiki Master, I knew I was prepared to share, teach, and initiate people into Reiki healing. It was a time when the world needed the most, as we were all going through a massive transformation process. For many years, I taught in-person training, one-on-one, and small group courses in Thailand and Bali. But since last year, people cannot travel, so I decided to teach Reiki Online.


And you may ask yourself, Can I learn how to do Reiki online? The answer is YES! The father of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui, passed on attunements simply by sitting in meditation with his students. There was no physical contact, only an energetic transmission. This online training is completely self–paced so that you can study on your own time from home. We will meet once via Zoom to perform the initiation into Reiki, and you will complete the rest of the course on your own time.

So do you want to heal yourself and help others? Do you want to balance your energy, emotions, and physical body? Do you want to be initiated into the Reiki energy healing?

If your answer is Yes, you can click this link to enroll now in Reiki Level 1 & 2 Online with me: https://yogaliciacasillas.com/reiki-level-1-2-courses/ 

Welcome to this path of self–care and self-love. Open new doors in your life to heal yourself and others, and enhance your intuition to manifest the life you want!