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If you feel mentally scattered, emotionally drained or physically depleted it could indicate that some of your chakras are blocked and unable to flow properly. This could be due to physical trauma or more profound issues that can manifest themselves physically.

What is Chakra Balancing?


‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word that refers to the many energy wheels we have throughout our body. Seven of the major chakras are aligned along the spine from the base to the crown. Each chakra is made up of organs, nerves and a powerful connection to the less tangible psychological, emotional and spiritual states of being

Chakra balancing can be a powerful tool to help restore the flow of life energy throughout the body, enhancing the overall feeling of wellbeing. Like a spring cleaning for your energy system, this treatment unblocks, re-activates and rebalances the chakras, increasing your levels of health and consciousness.

Chakra Balancing Session

Chakra alignment eliminates blockages in your energy field so that you are in an optimal state for healing to occur. When reactivated and balanced, chakras allow energy to flow freely again. After your chakra balancing session you will most likely feel relaxed and light, although it is also normal to feel emotional too. This is because balancing your chakras opens you to experience better physical, mental and emotional health.


60 min: 65$USD
90 min: 90$USD
Package of 3 x 60 min: 186$USD

“Alicia is an amazing Reiki Master and bodyworker facilitator. During the session I felt safe and ground. She was very intuitive and gentle. It was easy surrender and allow the energy to move through my body. Afterwards I experienced a nice feeling of ease and peace. I definitely recommend her as a professional and knowledgeable guide.”
Daniela Cruz (Mexico).

“Sometimes, well if I am honest – mostly, the right people step into your life at the exact right time. In my case it was Alicia. Being slightly out of tune in the middle of 2020 and looking for a way to work actively with mine and other peoples energy I had the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful group of people that took the Reiki level one with her. And I can not recommend it enough. Not only by the given knowledge and techniques, but also for Alicia’s compassionate and loving way to share her vast vessel of knowledge in this field. Reiki Healing is such a great tool to benefit from in this wondrous place of energy we are living in. So if you have the chance to attend a course and receive the attunement with Alicia – I vouch for her with all my heart.”
Joana Eff (Germany)

“Thank you Alicia for being a guide to connecting to my true inner self on a deeper level. Thank you for your support and honestly loving teaching during YTT yoga teacher training at Vikasa. I also want to send you so much love to give us the opportunity to go Reiki course with you after YTT, Reiki is helping me to ground and heal myself in a even deeper way. You are a true blessing as a teacher. I love you and I am truly grateful for your wisdom and love. Hope our roads will cross again. With love.”
Johanne Mogren (Sweden)