Hello ,

First of all, well done getting this far into the Yin course. I received & checked the answers to the Quiz in section 3 already. This section is one of my favorites in the course as we start getting more subtle from here. Concepts like prana, nadies, and chakras are discussed in this section.

I know these concepts may not be easy to grasp initially, especially if we have a more scientific & rational approach to life. But I am thrilled to see that you had gained and understood the subtle body well, and your answers were perfect. I donĀ“t have anything to add to your answers as they were excellent.

If there are any questions about this topic, I encourage you to send me a message or write it on the Facebook group. You are halfway in your yin training already, and there are just a couple more sections to be done!

I hope you are enjoying this yin journey together!