Hello ,

I want to let you know that I received your final quiz results. I enjoyed reading through your homework and seeing how you adsorbed and allowed the practice of yin yoga and meditation to transform from the inside out. I am truly honored to be able to connect and share these practices with you.

The last step of this journey will be to submit your final assessment. You need to record yourself teaching a Yin yoga session for 60 min. You can upload it on Google Drive or any other way that works for you.  Please send to my email: yogaliciacasillas@gmail.com. I will get back to you with personal feedback about your practicum.

You are almost done!  After the final assessment is completed and revised by me, you will be done with homework and assignments for this course. Please let me know if you have any questions about your final homework or how to send it to me—looking forward to seeing you teaching Yin!

Good luck!!