The practice of Yoga

Provides an opportunity for self exploration enabling integration of your body, mind and soul. Alicia believes the practice of Yoga and Meditation are useful methods for organic self-development. She provides space to contemplate the essence of one’s true nature and opportunity to reconnect with their unique life purpose.

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Personal Programs


Perhaps you first come to yoga with the goal to increase your personal physical strength and better achieve balance in your lifestyle. Through Alicia´s teachings what you will discover, gain, and achieve through Asana will far exceed your original intentions by taking you deeper and beyond.


Meditation is a practice training the mind to focus and concentrate by bringing awareness to our “monkey mind” which is constantly jumping from one thought to the next. Meditation helps us to control our thoughts in order promote an internal state of peace and well-being.


When you truly experience the power of your natural breath, you begin to understand it is the bridge between body and mind. Learn how to listen closely to your body, breath and mind and experience the countless health benefits associated with the practice of mindful breathing.

Alicia’s approach enables you to learn

How to listen to your body using movement, breath, and meditation.


Believes overall health and wellbeing are not solely achieved working with only the physical body but also focusing on maintain emotional stability and mental clarity.


Reiki healing therapy is extremely beneficial for anyone looking to bring more balance into their life.

Upcoming Events

Alicia teaches a range of special events ranging from week long yoga retreats, to two day reiki courses and yoga workshops and yoga teacher training all year round.

Poster Yin YTT


“Alicia is a powerful individual and so incredibly uplifting. She worked with us on meditation which I continue to practice daily, she helped me find a better balance which I will carry with me my whole life”.

- Taylor Stolte/ USA

“Alicia is sweet and caring, enthusiastic and a knowledgeable yoga teacher. It is evident through her teaching style that she is dedicated to giving her students the best experience on the mat. She has inspired me to find my inner teacher, encouraging me to allow my intuition to guide me through meditation and the yoga asana practice. I am grateful for her guidance and all that she has taught me.”

- Lindsey Jamplis/ USA

  • Alicia teaches

    Yoga, meditation classes, personal programs, private sessions and Reiki courses.

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