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This series consists of 10 sessions: 5 Vinyasa Flow and 5 Yin Yoga 


This series introduces us to the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Water, Wood, Metal, Fire and Earth. We will explore each element through embodied vinyasa flow and therapeutic yin yoga sessions. Each session is designed to stimulate the energy channels (meridian lines) to promote heath in our organs. The intention is to develop more attention to the areas in the body that might feel tight and blocked to bring them into a state of openness, balance and wellbeing.


These practices can have many benefits including:

– improves strength and flexibility in your body

– helps you manage stress

– relaxes you and help you sleep better

– increase your overall sense of well-being

– helps with back pain relief

– calms and balance the mind and the body

– balance the internal organs

– Improves the flow of chi or prana in the body

– Releases fascia and improves joint mobility

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