Online 50 Hr Foundations Yin Yoga Teacher Training



Unearth the power of Yin Yoga and its profound impact on the mind, body and soul as you venture on an exciting path of insight, knowledge and understanding.

The Yin practice embodies a meditative and slow-paced approach to yoga, allowing for an enlightening exploration of the self to unfold. Yin Yoga gives the opportunity to restore health, release trapped emotions and to connect with the real you.

Originating from the Taoist concepts of Yin and Yang, this detailed training will provide you with the tools to incorporate these elements into your practice and help you become a skilled instructor in Yin Yoga.

A 50-hour online training with a highly functional approach to Yin Yoga that includes a comprehensive curriculum with all of the resources, tools and content required to become a certified Yin Yoga teacher or practitioner.

This online course features all of the benefits of in-studio training, such as highly personalized feedback and individual support, with the added convenience of a flexible virtual learning experience, so that you can study in your own time, in your own timezone.

Your own sacred space – your home – will be the perfect backdrop for you to go within and witness the beginning of a new chapter.