Feeling anxious and overwhelmed during these times of uncertainty? Move from your head to your body and feel grounded + free 60 min Yin Yoga session to move from the lead back to your body. Last year has been full of change and transformation for all of us. Maybe by now, we can feel different than a year ago. This time of change has had a significant impact on us, and we have evolved more than ever before. But also, this time has created a lot of uncertainty and stress in our system as well. Not knowing what will happen shortly has led us to be in a constant state of anxiety and worry, and in the long run, our bodies and mind can feel that burden. We can´t control what is happening outside of us, but we can change how we respond to these situations. Do you want to know how?

Tibetan Buddhism says that enlightenment happens within the body and nowhere else. I truly believe so, and if this statement is accurate, we can find peace and equilibrium within ourselves. We spend most of our days being stuck in our minds, overthinking, and worrying about what will happen and what we will do. And stressing over all the millions of possibilities that could occur. We get lost in our minds and lose control over our lives due to fear.

During this time of uncertainty, Yin Yoga has been my sacred temple. To have time to let go of my mind and all the worries, come back to my body, and feel within. Yin Yoga allows me to cultivate mindfulness in my body, feel the Earth underneath me, and release all the tension that I usually accumulate in my body and mind. Yin Yoga allows me to be more present, to appreciate the HERE & NOW. And you are no different than me, so you should give it a try!

Just by being laid down on the Earth, feeling her underneath us, allow all the stress, tensions, worries, and doubts to dissolve into the Earth. We can do this for 5, 10, 15 minutes, or as long as needed. This simple yet very profound technique helps us to develop a sense of safety and openness from within. We are allowing the Earth to support us, hold us, and heal us.

When was the last time you lay down on the Earth and felt her underneath your body? The Yin Yoga practice is an invitation for you to relax and let go of everything holding you back (worries, doubts, concerns, problems). Feel connected with your body and the Earth, and surrender to it. This simple practice, yet very profound, will leave you with a sense of peace & balance from within.

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And if you would like to try a single practice with me, you can try this Yin Yoga class for FREE. This free class is my gift to you! 

Take time for yourself to come back to your body, your temple.

Welcome home!