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Profesorado Avanzado de Yin Yoga y los 5 Elementos Online de 65 horas (NIVEL 2)

Durante esta Formación Yin, aprenderás la inspiradora sabiduría de la Medicina Tradicional China y cómo aplicarla a tu práctica de yoga y a tu vida diaria. Mediante la comprensión de los 5 elementos (MTC) y sus funciones, los estudiantes pueden obtener un conocimiento inestimable de sí mismos y del universo.

Profesorado de Yin Yoga 65 horas

Profesorado de Yin Yoga Online de 65 horas (NIVEL 1)

Este profesorado de Yin Yoga profundiza en la consciencia de nosotros mismos, en la quietud, la apertura y la receptividad, entendiendo nuestras emociones y su relación con nuestros órganos y los centros energéticos más importantes en nuestro cuerpo, para encontrar el equilibrio y el balance desde el interior.

5 Elements Yin Yoga Training

Online 65 Hr Advanced Yin Yoga & 5 Elements Teacher Training

You will discover the inspiring wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how to apply it to your yoga practice and daily life. Learn the fundamentals of TCM and the anatomical and energetic theories of yin yoga for your practice, and, if you wish, with the intention to teach.

Reiki Level 2 Course

Reiki Level 2 Online Course

Reiki level 2 builds on your knowledge from Reiki level 1, and gives you the opportunity to go deeper into your Reiki healing journey. You will gain a wider range of techniques and get to connect with a greater level of Reiki energy gifting you with enhanced healing abilities.

Reiki Level 1 Online Course

Reiki Level 1 Online Course

Reiki level 1 is the perfect introduction to Reiki for beginners and for those looking to become confident Reiki practitioners. At the end of your Reiki Level 1 training you will be certified to give Reiki to yourself and others.

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Pranayama Fundamentals Course

During this pranayama course, we will explore different breathing techniques to help us to quiet our minds and find balance and equilibrium through our breath.


Myo-Fascial Yin & Yang Course

Continue building on your Yin Yang yoga foundation with the combined practice of Myofascial Release to increase your mobility and flexibility.

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Yin & Yang Yoga Course

This Yin & Yang Yoga Course is designed to bring balance to your yoga practice, so apply the principles of the Tao into your daily life.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course I Yoga Alicia Casillas

Meditation Fundamentals Course

Learn to observe your present moment experience, draw your attention inward to center your body and mind, invite a sense of connection intertwined with the world around you.

Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Course

Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Course

This yin yoga & mindfulness course is an opportunity to unwind the body, calm the mind and feel an overwhelming sense of peace through yoga and meditation practices.

50 HR Yin YTT

Yin Yoga & Chakras Course

Alicia will take you on a journey of accessing both the physical and subtle qualities of all seven chakras through the therapeutic practice of Yin Yoga and Chakra meditation.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course I Yoga Alicia Casillas

Online 50 Hr Foundations Yin Yoga Teacher Training

A 50-hour online training with a highly functional approach to Yin Yoga that includes a comprehensive curriculum with all of the resources, tools and content required to become a certified Yin Yoga teacher or practitioner.